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Contacted by a leaseholder regarding the poor service carried out by the landlords maintenance company Meridian Management visited the property. Read how we carried out our business to provide a better service to the tenants.
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The problem was the service received from the landlords managing agent.

Right to Manage

A leaseholder contacted us regarding carrying out Right to Manage. It is a nice 3 story town house located a short walk from the High Street. The freehold is owned by one of the Britain’s largest landlords. They have a large management company which manages the block.

The leaseholders said they were experiencing some of the following problems:

  • The residents had not had a meeting with the managing agent for over 3 years.
  • An electrician came from Brighton to change a light bulb.
  • To trim 5 years of growth off a cherry tree cost £1,000. The residents did not think the trimming was required and they were not informed that it was going to be carried out.
  • The property manager carrying out the block management changed regularly.
  • They found the staff at the office were not very helpful with their queries.

We carried out a site visit and met up with three of the residents. The block was reasonably maintained, which was good. The problem was the service they received from the managing agent. They felt they were treated like little fish in a big pond. We confirmed we could carry out the Right to Manage and carry out the Block Management afterwards.

We give the residents the tools they needed to help canvas other leaseholders and then we arranged a meeting with them. 80% of the residents attended the meeting. It was a great turnout. We explained the Right to Manage process and the Block Management Services Meridian Management would provide. They were pleased with the methods we intended to use and all signed up to become members of the RTM company.

Our Legal Services Director started carrying out the due diligence straight away. A few issues did come up that could have tripped up someone less experienced with the RTM process. We resolved these issues and submitted the claim to the landlord.

The current managing agent and landlord passed the claim to their solicitors to validate. They queried different aspects of the RTM process and asked for various supporting documentation. A few weeks after submitting the claim we received a letter from the landlord’s solicitor saying that they would not be disputing the claim.

Meridian Management

Thank you for helping us gain the Right to Manage in order for us to appoint our own agent. You explained the process clearly and we were surprised to find that we had very little to do. We were really pleased that the Landlord’s agent is not continuing with their proposed major works plans. Instead, you have negotiated with the Landlord for us to take control of planning and organising these works with our new agent.